Gorditas Doña Julia

If there’s one thing to be learned from travel, it’s that there could be something new or interesting around every corner. If you’re a travelling foodhound, you are constantly on the lookout for  the unique, traditional, local fare. On my recent journey to Zacatecas I had my first gordita.

Gorditas are Mexico’s version of the pita pocket. A thick tortilla made from masa harina is baked on a flat iron grill, split and filled with a variety of ingredients.

Gorditas Doña Julia is, rumor has it, the best in town.

When I entered the restaurant I explained to the server, in my not-quite-perfect Spanish, that I was unfamiliar with gorditas. He then proceeded, in not-quite-perfect English, to describe all the various guisados (stews) that were on hand. The very first one he pointed to, he said, was “muy picante”. Enough said.