Chill Restaurant and Lounge

Chill Restaurant and Lounge is exactly the type of place I would not of visited of my own accord before my blogging days. I would of passed it off as some sort of night club that did their food as an afterthought. Definitely not the type of place I’d consider for a lunch. Luckily, I’ve had a couple of meals with Ben from Chowtimes and he mentioned Chill as a spot he’d like to visit. As it was my turn to choose a venue, I picked one off of his list. You can check out Ben’s post on Chill here.

When I arrived at noon, Ben had grabbed a spot by the windows on a raised platform. I’m guessing that’s where the stage is for the late-night music. The room was empty save for one table. It turns out those folk were Ben’s co-worker’s. One of them came over and whispered something into Ben’s ear. Even though I didn’t understand what he said, I was pretty sure it was about the food. Sure enough he said something to the effect of “The food is hard to eat.”. I’m not exactly sure which items he was referring to. It certainly wasn’t any of the one’s we ordered.