Right next to the Holdom Skytrain Station in central Burnaby, is a comfortable, friendly, slightly surreal sushi joint called Sushimoto. It’s a somewhat sleek and very unique venue.

Aside from the great fare, the room is full of interesting knick-knacks. Some traditional Japanese, some quirky eye candy. There’s the requisite paper lanterns but there’s also a cool collection of action figures.

The detail on Tony Montana is freaking eerie…right down to the five o’clock shadow!

I’ve been meaning to hit this place up for quite awhile. Since I first saw their vibrant menu and then read the continuing stream of positive commentary, it was obvious that this was a spot to go to for stellar eats.

Sushimoto offers up some pretty decent lunch specials. One of them is the Maki Roll, Miso Soup, Sunomono Combo. For $9.99 you choose from one of eight specialty rolls and your choice of Vegetable, Tako or Ebi Sunomono.

Quite a substantial sunomono. Nearly double the size I’ve become accustomed to in a combo setting. Clean, cool and very fresh.

The Red Hot Chili Roll really hit the mark. Great sushi rice to start…perfectly cooked and seasoned. A nice, creamy scallop filling topped with spicy tuna and drizzled with spicy sauce & mayo. It has a bit of zip…no serious heat factor, though.


Tai Won

Several weeks ago, while working along Kingsway, by Metrotown, I noticed a new awning adorning Tai Won Chinese Restaurant. Always intrigued by new restaurant signage, I made a mental note to go check it out. Before I got a chance, Shokutsu from Foodosophy beat me to the punch. His well-written, in-depth post only intrigued me more.

Tai Won is located on a quite safe stretch of Kingsway in Burnaby. One must always be aware, however, of unsavory types lingering on the roadside looking for dining partners. This particular gentleman was especially persistent to the point that we invited him along for some lunch.

There is a fair bit of confusion about this establishment. The sign says “Chinese Restaurant”. However, once inside, you immediately can tell it’s a Korean-run spot. The staff are Korean as are all the menu items. Shokutsu cleared up some of the confusion on his post with this: “Its a Chinese-influenced restaurant however, but basically the niche genre of Chinese-Korean cuisine that’s available in Korea.”

Our server made a point of asking if we knew that they serve Korean-Chinese fare. Not knowing exactly what that meant, we all said, “Um, ok!”. Bring it on!



A little while ago we were sitting around the office thinking about lunch. Well, at least, I was thinking about lunch. Someone’s got to start the ball rolling, after all. I had suggested sushi. Not just regular, everyday sushi…some of the good stuff. That was when ‘The Gut’ suggested Kimura, a place he and his wife recently discovered. Now, understand, when ‘The Gut’ recommends a sushi restaurant, I immediately take notice. He is someone who takes his food seriously and understands the finer points of Japanese cuisine. Those nuances are something I am sorely lacking and will take any opportunity to refine my knowledge of.

After a quick bit of study, it became very apparent that this was a must-visit. A quick glance at their webpage and a very well written post by Keev at TimeToChow made a visit imperative.

Having owned and operated many restaurants from the U.S. to Mexico to Shanghai, Chef Itsuroku Kimura has decided to settle here and make this his “retirement” restaurant. His love of jazz is apparent. Not just in the music playing, but also in the record sleeves on display and the cloaked double bass behind his station.

Along with the jazz vibe, cool artworks and unique interior, is the exceptional quality of food. Kimura strives to use only the best and freshest of ingredients.