Mee Goreng

Penang Delight Cafe

I’ve been meaning to hit up Penang Delight Cafe for some time now. A couple of weeks back, a trusty colleague went on a scouting mission and returned with two thumbs up. This past weekend I gathered three very hungry cooks together for a Saturday brunch.

Penang is located at Rupert & 23rd in East Van. Over the last couple of years the location was a Filipino restaurant then a Pakastani joint and is now a purveyor of “fine” Malaysian cuisine.

This is a small room. The best way to describe it is “cozy”. The tables are adequate, almost. We got, I think, one of the bigger booths but things were very tight knit. With our hefty appetites and me crazily wielding a DSLR, we made full use of our space. The room was pretty near full and buzzing. Being near mid-afternoon, I was surprised by the crowd. Gotta figure that’s a good thing.

Our server was a very enthusiastic young chap. After we ordered seven or ten dishes he started in with recommendations. Dude! We’re hitting maximum table capacity here! No need for the up-sell!

The Penang Satay were very solid. Four big skewers of beef with a rich, well-made peanut sauce. Tender chunks, these. The chicken version was very close (it’s just not beef!). A great start.


Tamarind Hill Malaysian Cuisine

There are far too few quality restaurants in New Westminster. There. I’ve said it. We suck. If it’s dinner-time in New West for food-lovers, there are way too many cars heading towards Burnaby (and, of course, Vancouver). I won’t even mention Surrey. Oops.

Luckily, for us, there are still a few good options. Tamarind Hill is definitely one of them.

To me, the best part of Asian cuisine is it’s complexity. The variety of flavors and textures is literally endless. Therefore, the quest.