Lion’s Den Cafe

Obviously, the one word that sums up the Greater Vancouver food scene is, “diverse”. The vast range of ethnic food in these parts is simply staggering. An especially cool aspect of all that ethnicity is when multiple cuisines converge in one restaurant. At the Lion’s Den Cafe, the Jamaican-born owner and his Japanese wife have created Vancouver’s first “Japaribbean” restaurant.

The menu is primarily Caribbean fare and breakfast sprinkled with a few Japanese items. There’s even a Jerk & Teriyaki combo so both cuisines can reside harmoniously on one plate.

Along for this Japaribbean cruise were Kim from I’m Only Here Fore The Food, Jessica and Mark from Yum-O-Rama, Sherman from Sherman’s Food Adventures and Elaine from parkerpages. Sherman, the stalwart that he is, joined us even though battling a seemingly never-ending bout with the flu. Looks like seventeen hockey games a week and eating at every restaurant he drives by finally caught up with him.

This Sunday lunch-feast took place on an exceptionally beautiful spring day. So nice, in fact, that I grabbed the big table on the sidewalk. Kind of a no-brainer as the small restaurant was completely full.

After everyone was settled in and menu items were decided upon we waited for our server. Then we waited a bit more. Hey! Aren’t the people who take our orders supposed to do the waiting? After some more waiting I went inside and placed our order.

This is a salad.

Luckily, it was a really nice day and no one was in a big hurry. As my breakfast consisted of  coffee, I was a wee bit peckish. I managed to stave off my hunger with a bottle of ginger beer. After a good half-hour the plates started to roll in.