Anducci’s Cucina

Have you ever sat down in a restaurant you’ve never been to, perused the menu and agonized over what to pick? You know there’s a whole slew of good things to pick from but you simply can’t make up your mind. When the server starts taking everyone’s order, you still haven’t decided. A weird sort of pressure sets in. You wait until the whole table has ordered and then pick something random, something you know was the wrong choice. Well, at a recent Friday lunch, that’s exactly what happened.

This particular week, we decided to switch things up a bit. Instead of our usual Asian fare we selected Anducci’s Cucina on Hastings in Burnaby. So, naturally, I checked out their on-line menu and narrowed my choice down to a couple of options. After settling in at our table we were given the menu. Actually, we were given their “New” menu. Now, being the procrastinator that I am, this meant a whole new study was in order. After a whole lot of humming and hawwing I blurted out my pick. When the server agreed it was a good choice, I was momentarily relieved.