Fraser Park Restaurant – The German Lunch

For this post, and this post only, The Friday Lunch becomes The Wednesday Lunch. Wednesday is the day that owner/chef Anton Heggen of the Fraser Park Restaurant serves up his completely homemade, gut-busting German Lunch.

If you’re in the GVRD, the Fraser Park Restaurant is about as far outta the way as you can get. It’s down by the Fraser in Burnaby at (nearly) the end of Byrne Road. It’s kind of easy to miss. About 150 meters before you hit the river, hang a sharp right into an industrial park. Look for the big green awning.

You’ve got to get here early in the day. Closing time is two p.m., Monday to Friday. One thirty on Saturday…closed, for a well-deserved rest on Sunday. Starting at 6:30, six days a week, they put out a major-league breakfast. The German Breakfast is, still, hands-down, the best value/quality breakfast anywhere. A three egg scramble with all three favorite (homemade) breakfast meats for $7.50. The German potato pancakes are an excellent addition…thin and perfectly crisped. Stay tuned for the full German Breakfast post.


Vancouver Alpen Club (Deutsches Haus)

Late last year Kim from I’m Only Here For The Food mentioned that he’d like to visit the Deutsches Haus at the Vancouver Alpen Club. To say the least, I was mildly intrigued. What intrigued me even more was learning of the Festplatte. Having a bit of German in me, I knew right away that this was a very good thing. After much pestering, Kim threw out a whole bunch of invites and we wound up with a dinner for seventeen eager diners at the aforementioned Deutsches Haus.

(Just a hint…if you click on the pictures you get a much clearer image.)

When I say eager, I mean eager. The dinner was scheduled for 6:30 on a Sunday evening. I, being the only guest of German descent, arrived at 6:35…the last one to be seated. This is a great, hungry bunch of folk.

At this point I would usually list off all the fellow bloggers but I’d probably miss one or two. It would be simpler to direct you to the Deutsches Haus page at Urbanspoon to check out all of the other perspectives.


Fraser Park Restaurant

There’s this cool little joint way down by the river in Burnaby. Sometimes the really unique places are far off the beaten path. You either work in the area or someone points you in the right direction. If you’re lucky, you’ll wind up near the end of Byrne Road with more food in front of you than you were bargaining for. Not only are you overwhelmed by quantity, the quality is way above par.


The Fraser Park Restaurant is an eclectic mix of home-made European and Asian food. The emphasis is on home-made. The chef/owner, Anton, makes his own sausage, bacon and ham…and probably, much more. I don’t much like to use the term ‘dying breed’, but this man seems to fit the bill.