Fraser Park Restaurant

There’s this cool little joint way down by the river in Burnaby. Sometimes the really unique places are far off the beaten path. You either work in the area or someone points you in the right direction. If you’re lucky, you’ll wind up near the end of Byrne Road with more food in front of you than you were bargaining for. Not only are you overwhelmed by quantity, the quality is way above par.


The Fraser Park Restaurant is an eclectic mix of home-made European and Asian food. The emphasis is on home-made. The chef/owner, Anton, makes his own sausage, bacon and ham…and probably, much more. I don’t much like to use the term ‘dying breed’, but this man seems to fit the bill.


For simple value, this place can’t be beat. The German breakfast isn’t just what’s shown above but along with pan-fries, a potato pancake and toast. Unlimited coffee’s a buck!  By the way, that’s sausage, bacon AND ham…Not OR…AND. With a slab of watermelon! (Sorry, no pics. This is lunch.)


Anton’s Shepherd’s Pie. Large & steaming hot with his buttery, chunky mashed spuds. A delicious, hearty meal.


The Beef Dip is almost a two-for-one. TWO Portuguese buns, tender beef and an incredible garlic mayo.


Probably the best of Anton’s fare is the German Lunch. Every Wednesday you can get a plate with his home-made bratwurst, big slabs of his home-cured ham, home-style sauerkraut and home-mashed potatoes with gravy. Not sure how alert you’ll be when you get back to the office, but there’s probably a  Starbuck’s on the way.

The Fraser Park is good, honest food. Big portions of workman’s fare at reasonable prices. Very much worth the drive out.

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2 responses

  1. You go to restaurants I’ve never heard of before…it’s actually really nice to read about these neighbourhood-style places you write about…otherwise I would never know about them!

    November 4, 2009 at 12:10 am

    • kgb1965

      Thanks, Mijune! I do try to focus more on the smaller, less familiar places. They always seem friendlier and they tend to rely more on fresh ingredients. BTW, I checked out your blog….some stunning photography!

      November 4, 2009 at 12:30 am

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