Gorditas Doña Julia

If there’s one thing to be learned from travel, it’s that there could be something new or interesting around every corner. If you’re a travelling foodhound, you are constantly on the lookout for  the unique, traditional, local fare. On my recent journey to Zacatecas I had my first gordita.

Gorditas are Mexico’s version of the pita pocket. A thick tortilla made from masa harina is baked on a flat iron grill, split and filled with a variety of ingredients.

Gorditas Doña Julia is, rumor has it, the best in town.

When I entered the restaurant I explained to the server, in my not-quite-perfect Spanish, that I was unfamiliar with gorditas. He then proceeded, in not-quite-perfect English, to describe all the various guisados (stews) that were on hand. The very first one he pointed to, he said, was “muy picante”. Enough said.

The gordita on top consists of nopales (prickly pear cactus) in an extremely spicy salsa. The one below mellowed things out considerably. Ground beef, peas, cubes of potato and carrot. If you’re thinking Shepherd’s Pie, you’d be spot on. That’s exactly what it tasted like!

Aside from the stews you can choose from cheese, eggs or refried beans to fill your gordita.

At 10 pesos (80¢ Canadian) each, this is great value. Spicy, delicious & filling…with the emphasis on filling.  This “snack” fueled me up for at least six hours!

For value, service and flavor, Gorditas Doña Julia can’t be beat. If you’re freaked out by pigeons swooping in, grabbing floor snacks and flying back out, this might not be your thing. If you’re looking for quality, traditional fare…the address is below.

Gorditas Doña Julia
Av. Hidalgo 409
Zacatecas, Zacatecas
guisados (stews)

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