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Dim Sum at Spicy Court Chinese

During a recent visit to Sun Sui Wah we decided to start a gluttonous run through the vastness of Vancouver’s top Dim Sum spots. Next stop…Spicy Court Chinese on Cambie at 41st.

Upon arrival, it was obvious that street parking nearby wasn’t gonna happen. That meant only one thing…scary underground parking. Having read about Spicy Court’s parkade, I got a tinge nervous. A parkade four levels deep with tiny stalls and no exit…yikes!

Spicy Court’s spots are on the third level down. Being Sunday at peak hours, this is a ridiculous situation.  With the upper two levels completely empty, Spicy’s spots are near fully packed. Can’t y’all work something out?

Funny. It was much easier getting out than getting back in some twenty or so dishes later.

As with Sun Sui Wah, we arrived on an early Sunday afternoon, absolutely famished. Even worse, Benzie and I had to wait for a couple of stragglers. Being somewhat polite diners, we held off ordering for fifteen minutes. When they still hadn’t shown up, we chucked the politeness out the door and started ordering like it was a death row meal. As the first plate arrived, so did the other half of our crew.

Before the dishes arrived we were sure to grab a saucer of Spicy Court’s fermented bean chili paste. This has a nice, dense flavour with a mighty kick. Perfect for virtually any dish. Especially this one:


Po King Seafood Restaurant

Having decided on Dim Sum for the weekly Friday lunch, it was just a matter of where in Burnaby to go. One place we hadn’t yet tried is Po King on Kingsway. I’ve been a tad reticent due to numerous negative reviews on Dinehere and from fellow bloggers. From what I’ve seen, the place is packed every day…how bad could it be? Tales of pushy cart ladies, chaotic service and indifferent management only added to the intrigue.

Po King is a huge room. It fills up extremely fast so it’s best to get there by at least 11:30 for the lunch service. I was fortunate enough to grab a table by the windows. It makes for some really good photos.

Cha Shao Su (BBQ Pork in puff pastry). Sweet and savory pork in hoisin and oyster sauce encased in an extremely flaky pastry.