Spicy Legend, the Lunch Menu

Sometimes the best meals are the unexpected ones. A few weeks back the plan was to hit Mezbaan for their inexpensive lunch buffet. No luck…closed, on vacation. Plan B was Congee Noodle King, just down the road. While waiting for the rest of the crew to arrive, we noticed Spicy Legend right next door.

I’ve heard mention of their excellent AYCE Hot Pot but the lunch-only menu posted on the door was flush with intriguing items. Unfortunately, it’s only available from 11:30 to 2:30. Click on the image for a much bigger and clearer view.

As this was an unexpected visit, I was without my DSLR. I took a bunch of iPhone snaps but they just didn’t do the food justice. We returned a few weeks later for another meal and a batch of somewhat decent photos.

Spicy Legend is a medium-sized, very colorful room. Lunchtime, it seems is fairly quiet…at least on our two visits. I’m guessing the crowds come later for the AYCE Hot Pot.

To get things started, spice-wise, we were given a complimentary bowl of Sichuan snack treats.

Although many are mild, a few are crunchy sticks of dynamite. Sort of Chile Pepper Russian Roulette. A fun, albeit, painful start to today’s meal.

We started with a pair of $1.99 appetizers. Slivered Cucumbers with Sesame Paste. Or is it tahini? Either way, a great little dish. Cool, crisp, very flavorful. A nice antidote to the parade of heat coming up. This was a double portion, BTW.

The Dry Tofu is slathered in sesame oil, red chillies and scallion. Another excellent snack and also two portions.

We grabbed a couple of items from the “Sichuan Style Snack” part of the menu. The Sichuan Wonton with Spicy Oil are a must-try. Twelve large wonton drenched in a moderately spicy yet incredibly flavorful bath.

The Cold Noodle, at first glance, looks fairly innocuous. A few bites in your palate is aflame but, oddly, you can’t seem to get enough. The mix of cool, chewy noodles and bursts of red chile are very addictive. A very, very good dish.

The lunch menu contains a well-rounded selection of fourteen soups. We went with something other than the “Sichuan” on offer. This is the Spicy & Sour Seafood Soup (Thai Style).

For a mere $7, you are presented with a rather large bowl stuffed with a great amount of varied seafood and tofu in a rich & spicy Tom Yum broth. A heckuva deal.

Another very well made, non-Sichuan dish is the Fried Rice Noodle (Singapore Style). This is a dish we regularly order so it was interesting to see Spicy Legend‘s take on it. Damn near perfect, this was. The vermicelli well curried, crunchy slivered veg, silky scrambled egg and a good whack of salty dried shrimp…a great mix very well executed. Spot on!

Fried Rice with Fried Pork (Sichuan Style). More often than not, when ordering a fried rice with pork dish in a Chinese resto, you get a bland combo of rice, tiny pork bits and frozen mixed veg. Here, it’s a load of rice fried with chile sauce, big, sweet peppers and a lot of tender hunks of pork belly. The photo barely does it justice. There’s easily twenty beautiful slabs of pork in this plate.

There are fantastic, bold flavors all over the place here. Every single dish, from snack to appetizer to soup to main, hit the mark. Along with the wide-ranging and authentic tastes, there is tremendous value as well. Five diners were very well fed and completely satisfied for an astonishing total of $45. By the way, there’s free jelly beans, to boot! You can’t beat free jelly beans!

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4 responses

  1. grayelf

    Great writeup, Karl. I still haven’t been to Spicy Legend (hangs head in shame). Now I have even more reason to get there.

    Did you find the Magic Chiles at TnT yet?


    September 14, 2011 at 8:27 pm

  2. Karl

    Thanks, Grayelf! You really need to get there for lunch someday. We went back yesterday because Malay Curry House is closed Tuesdays! Grrrrr!

    Fantastic flavors…a great combo of dishes. Thoroughly good food.

    I managed to get a peek at the packaging of the chile snacks. They’re not Magic Chiles. They’re called Sweet Crisp Chili. Our server doubts they’re available at T&T…said they’re probably available somewhere in Richmond. I searched high & low on-line…finally found a link.

    You need to take a break from the renos and come have a meal!

    September 14, 2011 at 10:34 pm

    • grayelf

      Wow, great sleuthing! I’d love to know if you do track them down. But in the meantime, purely for research purposes y’understand, I’d love to know if the Magic Chilis from TnT are similar. They sure look like it, and they do have a slight sweet component. Maybe a rival product? 🙂

      September 14, 2011 at 10:41 pm

      • Karl

        I’m not too sure why the “sweet” in the name…they’re a bit salty and spicy, to be sure. Based on the photos Ben posted, the Magic Chili look to be more hollow than the Sweet Crisp Chili. The Sweet Crisp Chili are stuffed with sesame seed and are quite crunchy much like a cracker…or rather a firecracker! Would love some Sichuan peppercorn thrown in the mix.

        September 14, 2011 at 11:18 pm

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