Triple O’s (Kingsway)

For most, the mere mention of White Spot invokes memories of going out for a family dinner. As a kid in the 70’s, going to White Spot meant “Pirate Pack”! You got a huge cardboard ship loaded with a burger, fries, a drink, ice cream…even a gold-wrapped chocolate dubloon! How could you not love it?

Since those days, White Spot has spawned Triple O’s, it’s fast-food spin-off. Along with nineteen locations in the GVRD, there are six in Hong Kong and one each in Bangkok and Seoul. From all accounts, it’s a thriving business.

After reading of Triple O’s expansion and being made aware of “Triple “O” Tuesday”, I thought it would be worth checking out.

Triple “O” Tuesday is the day when the Triple “O” burger is reduced in price from $4.69 to $3.33. For an additional $2 you can get the combo. That’s quite a deal, you might think. I placed my order, was handed a cup and, as I was filling it, was handed my burger and fries.

This is exactly what I’d worried about prior to my visit. Apparently, when you offer a burger special, it’s mandatory to cook off a bunch of patties well ahead of the masses. The end result is this.

Bear in mind that this is 11:30 in the morning. I figured if I got there before noon I’d luck out and get a burger before they’d all dried out. No such luck. Considering the speed of delivery, it’s obvious they had even made the burgers with cheese well ahead. Brutal.

I wound up with a dry puck that was exact same temperature as the vegetables. Not quite “The Sauciest, Juiciest, Tastiest, Bestest Burger Around”. The really sad part is that I could’ve gone across the street to Wendy’s and had a burger that was at least warm.

As I was choking back my burger, an employee was going around the room asking if everyone was enjoying their meal. When he asked me, I said “Not so much. It’s cold and dry.” With that, he smiled, said “Thanks” and toddled off.

Triple O's on Urbanspoon


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