As with most dining experiences, price is usually an important factor. Oftentimes, when going out for a nice meal in an upper-end restaurant, one doesn’t always quibble if the main is around the twenty-five dollar mark. You know that ambiance, service and quality ingredients are factored into the price. When going out for a burger, however, you may consider the actual value of the product when choosing your meal. That being said, I’ll leave it up to you to decide whether thirteen bucks is a fair price for a burger combo.

Fatburger opened its first restaurant in Los Angeles in 1952 by African-Americans Lovey Yancey and Charles Simpson. Since those days many notable African-Americans have bought franchises. Magic Johnson, Kanye West and Queen Latifah to name but three. An interesting page on Fatburger Corporation can be found here.

One thing that separates Fatburger from fast-food restaurants is, after placing your order, it’s delivered to your table. That’s because of the other thing that separates Fatburger…your meal is made to order. It takes about ten minutes to arrive…hot and still juicy from the grill.

The five-ounce Fatburger Combo. For me, this is the perfect size for a burger. Along with a big load of somewhat decent, crispy fries and unlimited beverage, the 1/3 lb. burger is ample. I’d contemplated ordering the half-pound Kingburger but, from past burger-eating failures, I knew that the post-meal damage wasn’t worth it. This one was just right.

My burger was fully loaded with all the included toppings plus a slice of cheddar. I like how the cheese is placed below the patty. Along with the paper wrap, it helps everything stay in place. The bun was nicely toasted, very fresh and solid enough to stand up to all of the ingredients.

One thing I really appreciated here was the condiment rack. The best part was the Tabasco. Not just plain old, regular Tabasco. They offer the Chipotle version. I love this stuff! Back in the day, when I was running the prime-rib station at a local eatery, I always had a ramekin of this handy. Many an “accidental” mis-slice wound up slathered in this delicious, smoky sauce.

Along the front window is the narrow bar-style seating with somewhat uncomfortable stools. Every third or fourth seat has a mini TV. The really cool thing here: watching Alexandre Bilodeau’s qualifying run then going home and watching him win gold! After the final race I uploaded the pics and saw that I’d snapped this. That’s eerie in the best way! GO CANADA GO!!!

Another issue that needs to be addressed is tipping. When paying by card here, you are handed the POS device and right off are prompted for a gratuity. There are two buttons…one for no tip and another for 15%. Now, I consider myself a fairly good tipper. The amount I leave is primarily based on the meal and the service. Now I’m being asked to tip after ordering at a counter for a meal I’ve yet to see or eat? Fellow bloggers Sherman and Kim made mention of a bizarre tradition where the servers yell out “Fat Tip!” when someone hits the 15% button. Jeez. There needs to be an official list of who to tip (or not to). It gotten to be obligatory simply by request.

All in all, Fatburger makes a stellar burger. Mine was dripping with delicious sauce and beef fat, loaded with crisp, fresh veg. Very solid, well made.

The bottom line is price. If this combo were $10, I’d probably become a regular. At $12.59 (without tip), I may return a few times a year.


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2 responses

  1. Richard

    Disgusting will never subject myself to eating a burber at Fatburger’s again.

    March 23, 2010 at 9:36 pm

    • Karl

      Yeah. I heard the burber’s are sub-par. The burgers, however, are fantastic!

      March 24, 2010 at 10:48 am

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