Le Do Vietnamese Restaurant

Another rainy Saturday afternoon, another chance to check out a different Phở restaurant. This week’s pick is Le Do Vietnamese on East Hastings. What makes Le Do a bit different is their unique Le Do Spicy Roll. Plus the fact that they serve both Bún bò Huế and Bún Chả Cá, a rarity amongst most phở joints.

Aside from being really clean, the condiment selection is much better than normal. Along with hoisin and Sriracha, there’s chile oil, pickled jalapeñoes and sambal. Everything neat and tidy…a good signal.

Another sign that you are about to have great phở is the freshness of the basil and sprouts. Right away I knew I was going to be a happy customer.

Today’s soup of choice is Phở đặc biệt (specialty phở).

Very tender flank, rare beef, beef balls, tendon and tripe in a near-perfect, not-too-salty broth. Well-cooked rice noodles, lots of cilantro and scallions made this one of the better bowls of phở I’ve had.

The only problem was the size. This is an immense bowl, loaded with a lot of ingredient. I’m saddened to say that, on this day, I was defeated. The bowl won.

The highlight and main reason for this visit is the Le Do Spicy Roll. If you have ever gone out for phở and struggled with choosing between the salad roll and the spring roll, this is the roll for you. Instead of a salad roll stuffed with prawns, chicken or Vietnamese Ham, they’ve stuffed it with a spring roll! Brilliant!

This is a simply delicious take on the salad (or summer) roll. They taste just as good as they look…a great variety of texture and flavour. Anyone that’s made spring or salad rolls knows this must be a bit tricky to pull off. Everything holds together nicely. Really well executed.

Le Do is, judging by the many happily-slurping customers, definitely one of the better Vietnamese restaurants I’ve come across. Knowing they serve up a couple of my other unusual favorites and are dreaming up novel appetizers makes it worth many more visits.

Le Do Vietnamese on Urbanspoon


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