Seri Malaysia

After my visit to Bo Laksa King’s, I needed to fill a craving for Roti Canai. At the same time, a noodle fix was also in order. There aren’t a lot of spots around the Hastings area to accomplish that. In fact, there’s only one that came to mind…Seri Malaysia.

Roti canai is basically a puffy flatbread made from a lot of fat (clarified butter), flour, egg and water. The roti at Seri Malaysia seemed a bit flat and not very flaky…although damn tasty. This is probably due to pre-preparation and/or a lack of proofing. The curry dipping sauce livened things up considerably!

Having had my roti craving satisfied nicely, it was time for the noodles. On a previous visit I had the Quay Teow Goreng with seafood. It was exceptional. This time around I went with the beef version. I assumed the beef would be in slices. Unfortunately (for my taste), it was chopped into bits, giving the dish a grainy texture. Nevertheless, delicious.

Quay Teow Goreng (also know as Char Koay Teow) is a very popular street food in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. Flat rice noodles are stir-fried with shrimp paste, garlic, chile paste, dark soy, peppers, fried tofu, scallions, bean sprouts and chopped beef. The dish is topped with a sprinkling of fried garlic.

Seri Malaysia is owned and run, virtually single-handedly, by an ex-owner of Kedah House. Recently he’s hired a server to help out. The food does take quite a bit of time to prepare, especially during the busy lunch hour. If you’re in a hurry it might be best to order the beef or chicken curry lunch specials.

The cool part was when the owner took time to come around and chat with each table…a good sign of confidence in your product.

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