Su Su Coffee

Probably the best part of food-blogging is discovering a rare dish. For me, personally, it’s discovering a rare soup. On my visit to Café Xứ Huế I noticed Su Su Coffee two doors down. A quick look told me this was also an authentic Vietnamese restaurant and just like their neighbour, a small menu with a variety of uncommon yet extremely enticing items.

I’m here for the Bún Chả Cá (Fried Fish Noodle Soup).

Fish chunks (traditionally catfish) are ground with prawns, seasoned with dill and turmeric, shallots and fish sauce then formed into small cakes. The cakes are fried, placed over round vermicelli alongside tomato wedges & slices of water celery (I think!) then garnished with lettuce, scallion, cilantro and onion. A light, garlicky, chicken-based broth is ladled on, infusing the myriad flavors.

My pre-conceived notion was that this was going to be an overly fishy-tasting soup. That was dispelled immediately. Using a chicken stock instead of a fish stock works perfectly here. It makes the fish cakes really stand out…they’re not just part of a soup, but the highlight.

After a spritz of lime, a fistful of sprouts, a wallop of chile and basil.

At $9.00, this is on the pricier end of Vietnamese soups in these parts. In this case, it’s well worth it. Sometimes you pay a little more for the effort that goes into making a great soup.

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