Golden House Seafood Restaurant

Golden House is a pleasant surprise. It is a restaurant so completely under the radar that I couldn’t find a single review anywhere on the net. Luckily, it’s a favorite of a friend. He gathered together a bunch of good folk for a dim sum feast this past weekend.

In many dim sum restaurants, especially the larger ones, servers roll carts of various steamed items around and the guests select preferred items. Smaller venues, such as Golden House, offer a checklist where you can pick from many different items as well as quantity. Before I arrived, buddy was kind enough to order what seemed like two of everything! It wasn’t quite everything but it was quite an array of deliciousness.

First to hit the table was the Sticky Rice in Lotus Leaves. Savory glutinous rice with pork and mushroom.

The Deep Fried Squid Feelers had the requisite crunch but were a tad overdone. It’s damn tricky getting the crispness along with the tenderness. It can be especially difficult when you’re dealing with the narrow tentacles.

At Golden House these are called Phoenix Claws…a very unique euphemism for chicken feet. Now, understand…I like me some chicken. I love damn near any version of wing, thigh, rib, leg and breast you’ve got. I see no reason to eat the feet…especially ones this big. These were like size 11. Big, floppy NBA-sized feet.  There’s nothing there but fat, skin and gelatinous goo. Nevertheless, I had to give it a go.  I got me a mouthful of garlicky fat, skin and gelatinous goo. I discreetly wrapped the remaining foot in a napkin for a hopefully prompt disposal.

Oxtail Hot Pot with Rice Rolls. The big, tender chunks of meat were quickly swooped upon leaving some exceptionally tasty rice rolls.

Sui Mai (pork dumpling), Har Gow (shrimp dumpling), Xiǎolóngbāo (soup dumpling) and Pork Knuckles.

All told, a pretty good feast. A touch heavy for Sunday brunch (may require extended couch time) but nonetheless, good dim sum.

fat, skin and gelatinous goo

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