Green Bamboo Vietnamese Cuisine

In my eternal quest for a great bowl of Bò Kho (Vietnamese Beef Stew) I’ve come across some darn good ones, some fairly average ones and a couple of downright monstrosities. A lot of places take shortcuts leading to a big bowl of tough cubes of beef in a mild broth seasoned at the last minute with a spoon of chile paste.

Bò Kho should be full of tender, unctuous chunks of slow-cooked beef brisket swimming in a rich, spicy broth spiked with annatto seed, lemongrass, star anise, garlic and maybe curry powder or cinnamon. One could have it served on rice, with a loaf of fresh-baked French Bread for dipping or my favorite, a big, hot, steaming bowl with rice noodles.


I may have found the perfect bowl at Green Bamboo. OK. I can’t say “perfect”. That would end the quest. I’m willing to go with “exceptional”.

You can cut the brisket and carrots with your chopsticks. The brisket braised for four hours, we were told. The tomato-based broth is deep and well-rounded…sweet and savory, loaded with layers of intense flavor.


The fresh basil and crunchy mung bean sprouts…there’s some real quality here.

And quantity. Aside from the extra-large brisket serving, the spring rolls rank as the some of the biggest in town. Buddy thought I ordered two. This is one!



Normally a bowl of soup and one roll ain’t a challenge. Today, I tapped out. I literally gave away a piece of spring roll. I live in shame.


Phở with rare beef and tendon.

The quality, quantity and freshness of their food is outstanding. A combination rarely found.

Green Bamboo is located at street-level of the Crystal Mall (Willingdon/Kingsway) on the Willingdon side.

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