Sông Hương

Over the last few years I’ve been searching throughout Vancouver for excellent Phở, the best Vietnamese Beef Stew and a killer spring roll. When you embark on that kind of mission, invariably, you will discover all the other amazing delicacies. So far the most intriguing has been Bo 7 Mon. Bo 7 Mon is Beef 7 Ways. Not many places offer it. The only one I know of is Sông Hương. If I’m wrong, let me know. Please!

Menu cover

Sông Hương is an authentic Vietnamese restaurant in East Van. Their cuisine is from the city of Huế in Central Vietnam. I went there initially to try their Bún bò Huế, a spicier version of Phở loaded with a pig’s knuckle and congealed pork blood . But that’s another post…

Picture 048

I had a pretty good idea of what we’d be feasting on but it was pretty cool to see it all laid out before us.

Picture 050

Picture 051

The thinly-sliced lean beef is dipped in a hot, seasoned broth. Rice wraps are dunked in bowls of steaming water. You choose from basil, saw-leaf and mint. Add fresh sliced vegetables or sprouts for crunch. Maybe chile-garlic sauce or crushed peanuts.

Picture 055

This is my pathetic attempt:

Picture 058

This is how it should be done:

Picture 057

Next came grilled Vietnamese sausage. These were incredible…juicy, tender and full of flavor. They counted as two beef dishes because some were wrapped in grape leaves.

Picture 054

The next dish was a grilled beef salad. Perfectly grilled slices of marinated beef atop pickled carrot, pickled daikon and lettuce. So good I neglected to take a photo.

Then the congee….

Picture 061

This hit the spot…especially with a solid dollop of chile-garlic.

Next up was the gigantic meatball. A quarter-pound of ground meat goodness.

Picture 065

That’s a tasty meatball. How can anything wrapped in caul-fat not taste good?

The Bo 7 Mon should feed, we are told, 3-4 people. Not the people I know. Therefore, more is in order. The killer spring roll:

Picture 053

Bánh cuốn (Vietnamese Rice Rolls):

Picture 070

All told, a damn good feed.

Song Houng Vietnamese on Urbanspoon


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